GECAP Georgia Storm Water Map Tool

If your facility discharges directly into an impaired stream segment OR is within one mile of an impaired stream segment, you may be subject to additional sampling requirements in Part III.C of the permit IF the pollutant of concern for the stream segment may be exposed to storm water as a result of current or past industrial activity on your site.

To determine if your facility is subject to the additional requirements, input your facility address in the map’s search tool (click the magnifying glass) and reference the map. If the address marker is located in a one mile buffer of an impaired water body (light-red area) and in the same watershed (click on the water body to see what watershed it is in), find the impaired stream (red line) or lake (red-outlined blue area) in the center of the red one mile buffer area that your facility falls in. Click on this water body to determine the violations and probable causes for impairment (click here for a list of water body label codes and definitions).

Note:  The information in this map is not legally binding and more detailed investigation of the hydrology may be necessary near stream endpoints.

Data source:  Georgia Environmental Protection Division, 2014 (Georgia’s 2012 Integrated 305(b)/303(d) Report  GIS Data Sets)